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Buying a property is one of the biggest financial investments one will make. Whether it is a family home, investment property or commercial space, it’s important to do your research to avoiding potential structural issues that will cost you unnecessary money.

A property assessment is an important step when purchasing or selling any type of dwelling as it will highlight which areas need to be addressed pre sale or pre purchase. The results of the home inspections could be the difference between buying a property, or walking away from a ticking time bomb.


At Kiwi House Inspections Hawke's Bay we have both verbal as well as, written reports available for commercial and residential properties.


The median Hawke's Bay house price as of August 2018 is as follows:


Napier: $511,891

Hastings: $460,059

We ran the numbers and based on an average house sale of $500k and the average inspection cost of $460 (incl GST) for a 3 bedroom home, the inspection cost accounts for 0.92% of the total sale price.


The below are potential issues that may be discovered during an inspection. Undiscovered these issues could cost you thousands. Your new property could potentially have one or more of these issues. Is it worth taking the risk?

Now that .092% of the total sale price, for a building inspection all of a sudden does seem necessary. 

New Roof

Replacing the old roof


Potentially $30,000= 6%

Leaky Shower

Remedial work required


Potentially $12,000= 2.4%

Damaged Joinery

Replacement required


Potentially $45,000= 9%

Leaky Cladding

Full reclad required


Potentially $150,000= 30%

Peeling Paint

New paint job required


Potentially $40,000= 8%

Rusty Spouting

New spouting required


Potentially $7,000= 1.7%


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Before you purchase a residential or commercial property, have it inspected by the professionals to make sure that you are getting what you pay for. 

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It pays to make sure that you're not buying an ex meth lab, avoid these high costs by not putting yourself in such a situation.


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Avoid surprises and know in advance about any issues with your property so that you can

rectify them.

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New Zealand's new health and safety guidelines now means that houses that contain asbestos products are now legally liable for any costs occurred from asbestos. Get your property tested.

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You put yourself in a better negotiating position with a comprehensive inspection report.

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Ensure you have ingoing and outgoing inspections for your rental property.


We have two decades of experience in the building industry, as a licensed building practitioner as well as, a member of the NZIBI.


We use the latest technology such as thermal imaging, non-invasive meters, moisture detectors, heat loss detectors and meth detectors combined with a hawk eyed visual assessment when producing your report.


We deliver our reports in plain English, so it is easy to understand, and trust that there isn’t any detail hidden in technical terms.


Robert Barrow's service was very professional and thorough. I have never considered a building inspection before this but he was truly awesome. The fact that he offered advice after the report stands out for me. All in all, great service and I am very pleased to have used Kiwi House Inspections.

Robert Leak



As per most sales and purchase agreements we had a limited amount of time to have this inspection completed. We were given advice that Kiwi House Inspections Ltd would be a good choice and that they offered a good, comprehensive service. I contacted Robert, the owner, and from there he took over and made the rest easy.  The timeframe was no issue and communication was fantastic. I was blown away by the detail in the report, which left nothing unturned and no surprises for us on moving in. I would highly recommend Robert and Kiwi House Inspections to Family, Friends, and anyone else in need of this type of service.

Kevin Weir



The report was great and gives me a nice 'to do' list for the next year, before selling the property.

Jackie Lynch



Robert makes the sometimes stressful process of obtaining a comprehensive builder’s report a complete breeze! Little things make the difference: clear and concise communication, delivering the report to a mutually agreed deadline, being available for follow up questions and then, best of all, the report itself which is to a very high standard with plenty of photos and information crucial to the potential purchaser. We were impressed by the attention to detail and enjoyed dealing with a friendly and courteous professional.

Hennie and Ronel Vorster



Thank you for the very professional job you did on the building inspection of the home that I was to purchase. It was truly above what I expected. You made it very easy to follow any work needed to be done. I would highly recommend you to any persons needing a well qualified and trustworthy building inspector, for work now or in the future.

Alan Higgins







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