A range of services available for a range of properties.

Kiwi House Inspections’ post and pre purchase building assessments are suitable for all kinds of buildings: your home, investment property, the batch and even commercial buildings. The reports we provide are suitable for loan applications, property buyers, property sellers, landlords and real estate agents.

We offer a range of services and the building reports we provide are accurate, unbiased and are carried out with integrity giving due respect to all parties involved. We are one of the only companies to provide same day home inspections in Hawke’s Bay and surrounds. This means you will never be left in the dark about hidden issues of a potential house purchase.

Consider one of the below services:

  • Written Building Reports

  • Verbal Building Reports

  • Infra Red Moisture Detection

  • Meth Detection

  • Non-invasive Inspections

  • Pre Auction Services

  • Pre Sale Inspections

  • Pre Purchase Inspections

Building Inspections

Before you purchase a residential or commercial property, have it inspected by the professionals. Here at Kiwi House Inspections, we have a team of building inspection experts in the Hawke's Bay to make sure that you are getting what you pay for.


Our Hawke's Bay based services are honest and unbiased while remaining affordable. We have a range of options so no matter what you want to check for, we have the ability to help. Our building inspections take into account plumbing, electrical, and structural issues when compiling our easy to read reports.

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Pre Purchase

For those looking to get a pre purchase house inspection done before they buy

Hawke's Bay property, Kiwi Inspections are your first choice. We provide a comprehensive room-by-room written report that covers the overall condition of the property, a clear summary of the main issues and relevant full colour photos, making it easy for you to see exactly what you’re getting into with your acquisition.


Don’t just assume that your new house or investment property is in great condition, we can help you know if you’re making the right choice, at the right price with our pre purchase building inspections.

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Commercial Inspections

Our Commercial Inspections entail reviewing the whole building on its interior and its exterior, from the roof to the foundation.


These include: Foundation, Sub-floor Structure, Borer Detection, Flooring, Roof Cavity, Exterior Claddings, Exterior Joinery, Roof, Spouting & Downpipes, Insulation, Plumbing & Drainage, Moisture Detection, Hot Water System, Decks, Retaining Walls and Driveway/ Paths.

Don’t just hope that your new commercial property will be okay, we can help you know if you’re making the right choice, at the right price with our Commercial building inspections.

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Pre Sale/ Pre Auction

Get a room-by-room pre sale inspection report that covers the overall condition of the property, a clear summary of the main issues and relevant full colour photos.​ Avoid surprises when a prospective purchaser gets a report done on your property. Know in advance about any issues so that you can either rectify them or notify the buying party as this could save the sale of your property.


A pre sale inspection also puts the buyer's mind at ease as they know that they have access to the complete picture and are therefore more likely to buy your house without hesitation and delays.

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Meth Tests

With meth labs springing up across the country, it pays to make sure that you're not buying an ex meth lab. We offer a meth detection service which can detect the residue from a cook.


Ex-meth labs often have to go through extensive clean ups before they are fit for living in again. Avoid these high costs by not putting yourself in such a situation in the first place.

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Asbestos Tests

If you own a home or will be purchasing a property built prior to 1990 with and fibre cement- based product or textured ceiling, the property could potentially contain asbestos. We can inspect and test for asbestos to remove any doubt that you may have. New Zealand's new health and safety guidelines now means that houses that contain asbestos based products are causing homeowners large increases to their renovating costs.


Landlords are also now legally liable for any costs occurred from asbestos removal and disposal. By having these potential harmful products tested you can be ensured that you are not taking any unnecessary risks and you can be confident that you will know exactly what potential disruptions and financial costs you could be in for.

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Rental Reports

Many rental property's go neglected and require some minor or serious maintenance. At Kiwi House Inspections we can inspect your rental property and identify any major or minor issues so you can have piece of mind that your investment is sound and will not cause you any financial burdens if these issues go unnoticed.


Our rental property condition reports are similar to our pre purchase reports, they are extremely thorough and easy to understand. We aim to catch any small issues that could become major ones in the future. Our inspectors are qualified builders and licensed building practitioners so you can have peace of mind that they will provide you with the best advice.

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