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We are qualified builders as well as, licensed building practitioners so you can be assured that you will have very experienced building inspectors in the Hawke's Bay area.

We pride ourselves on producing the best possible reports and offering the best post-report service available. Our building inspectors will be more than happy to discuss your report at length to ensure you know any electrical, plumbing or structural concerns with your home or commercial property.

We are also one of the very few providers that offer same day service - you get the report the same day as the inspection.

Robert Barrow

Robert Barrow

Owner and Inspector

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New spouting required


Potentially $7,000= 1.7%

Rusty Spouting

New paint job required


Potentially $40,000= 8%

Peeling Paint

Full reclad required


Potentially $150,000= 30%

Leaky Cladding

Replacement required


Potentially $45,000= 9%

Damaged Joinery

Remedial work required


Potentially $12,000= 2.4%

Leaky Shower

Replacing the old roof


Potentially $30,000= 6%

New Roof

The median Hawke's Bay house price as of August 2018 is as follows:


Napier: $511,891

Hastings: $460,059

We ran the numbers and based on an average house sale of $500k and the average inspection cost of $460 (incl GST) for a 3 bedroom home, the inspection cost accounts for 0.92% of the total sale price.


The below are potential issues that may be discovered during an inspection. Undiscovered these issues could cost you thousands. Your new property could potentially have one or more of these issues. Is it worth taking the risk?

Now that .092% of the total sale price, for a building inspection all of a sudden does seem necessary.